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It's your turn to be ReBorn!

The ReBorn Retreat

What Happens

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Empower yourself to develop the confidence and gratitude of a life of total happiness and abundance.

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Wellness & Healing

Develop the habits of conscious healthy living. We provide healthy meals that can nourish every cell of your body.

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Paradigm Shift

Become reborn, feel your true essence of inner peace and love that is flowing through you.

What You'd Expect

Self Mastery Tools & Techniques

Facilitated Graceful & Sensual Movements

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Get Your Deepest Questions Answered 

Deep Guided Rebirthing Ceremony

Healing & Nurturing

How Other's Have Transformed from the Experience...

" My Human Design Analysis with Diana was bang on! Amazing revelations & insights. Diana is very tuned - in and a wise coach. I feel crystal clear with my strengths & challenges and received very helpful advice in how to be more effective. So grateful for this awareness & understanding."

- Katie Christie, Nutritionist & Founder of Soulfest 


“ Diana really got me with her in-depth interpretation of my Human Design.

 I had studied HD about 4 yrs ago and purchased an analysis online, but it didn't really inspire me. But Diana was an amazing channel of translation through HD. Offering support and staying with it until I got what I am to do here... She made my life purpose very clear...isn't that what everyone is needing a little support with?”

- Maria Diaz, Communication Strategist