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Two 90-minute sessions that includes a comprehensive review of your Human Design blueprint, including how you are best meant to interact with the world around you, your optimal decision-making strategy, your gifts and talents, node insights.      

It will give clarity on:

  • Your life challenges that are part of your soul growth and gates to your success zone.

  • The sources of your potential fears and conditioning.

  • The sources of your success.

  • Ideas on how you can leverage these insights to increase energetic flow in your life.

  • I intend for the person to feel like they can begin to lean into and embrace their own authenticity.

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    A wealth of information is covered in the foundational Human Design sessions and it can be overwhelming for individuals to take it all in and truly understand how they can truly LIVE their design on a day-to-day basis.

    This is a session to clarify the life and spiritual purpose. 

    This 60-minute strategy session offers returning clients an opportunity to ask questions about anything related to their energy type and BodyGraph including practical application of their unique human design to current situations that are going on in their life. 

    The session will be audio or video recorded so you can reference it again. 

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    When you begin your process in Human Design, naturally you’re going to want to know your partner’s Design too. 

    The main reason why most relationships are having problems is that they were never entered into correctly, and that the participants in the relationship don’t operate correctly as themselves.

    That really is what it’s all about. The relationships analysis is valuable for family partners, business, and children.

    Diana will look into the human design of the partnership identity and will breakdown all the patterns and potential for harmony or not. 

    The session will be audio or video recorded so you can reference it again. 

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    This is an immersion into your business potential and alignment. If someone spent a YEAR in your universe, who would they become? What kind of transformation would occur? 

    This immersion is for anyone wanting to embody their soul work. Contrary to what the title says, a "Business" doesn't need to be a professional entity. You are in the Business of Living and activating your service to humanity is the highest potential a soul can embody. 

    Business by Design is your soul work--your soul's mission. In this 90 minute Immersion, we will investigate and illuminate aspects of your Divine Spark--Your Spark of Creativity. 

    We are interested in your brand. A brand is NOT just your logo or icons. It is not about the fonts or colors you choose. Yes, those are aspects of your brand, but a brand is so much more than that. 

    It's the heartbeat of your soul work. It has a style all its own. It is a unique diamond of your Self and it is multifaceted. In Business by Design, we will introduce you to all dimensions of your brand.

    These includes your brand purpose, brand archetype, brand essence, brand fuel & magnetism, brand foundation & stability, brand promise & values, brand messaging & story, brand creativity & uniqueness and your brand experience.

    The session will be audio or video recorded so you can reference it again. 

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