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reborn Keidi Pushi


New era is bringing new changes and new inner driven inspirations. Perhaps you are experiencing them already.

Here are some possible ways they can manifest:

  • You are feeling unsettled in your career and want to make your work more meaningful and less exhausting.

  • People you have previously felt closest to, no longer reflect who you are.

  • Your environment no longer has interest to you, and you want to change where or how you live.

  • You feel uncertain or unsettled and you don't know why.

  • If you're feeling any of these things, you are right on track! One thing is certain, BIG CHANGES are on the horizon. 


    The Reborn process is an exclusive and unique transformative journey. Diana and Keidi work is powerful as it addresses the whole human potential in its 4 dimensions:

    physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    The research behind the science of transformation has grown exponentially in the last 15 years.

    Diana and Keidi are well trained and have new innovative tools that help you change the hard-wiring of your brains and up level your DNA expression so that you can create better health, more motivation, deeper meaning and more joy in your social life and work.

    I Am Ready to Change My Life!
    Diana Pushi reborn


    Your “Design for Life” is a visual map that illuminates your life in remarkable details.

    It has been scientifically validated and its accuracy is indisputable and timeless. You'll learn the answers to questions you've pondered in your entire life.

    Knowing your energetic and personality design will allow you to act with confidence in every situation. Would you like to know your free Human Design blueprint?


    Diana and Keidi work is powerful as it addresses the whole human potential in its 4 dimensions:

    physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

      11 private 60 minute sessions via Zoom with full access to the recordings for life.

      6 sessions with Diana: We will go over your human design analysis, identify your talents, life purpose, growth points and using proved neuroscience methods to breakthrough them, so you can start living your true self and soul purpose. 
      (Value $2,500)

      5sessions with Keidi: who will guide your growth and ascension through practical and higher intelligence. (Value $2,000)

      Week to week practices, exercises, to bring you to your quantum alignment.

      This is where you will be using timelines therapy, EFT, Human Design wisdom and more to have you clear of the limitations. (Value $1,200)

      Full Access to all our digital program

      With lifetime access “Activate your Unique Potential” (Value $699)

      Full Access to our Lighthouse membership for a year to support you on your journey. (Value $222)

      Private WhatsApp access to us with up to 20 min a week of additional support. We are here every step of the way as you go on this transformational journey.

      (Value $799)

    TOTAL VALUE $6994

    To make this program accessible to as many people as possible,

    we have reduced the total investment in yourself to only.


    Join The Reborn Experience Now!

    How Other's Have Transformed from the Experience...

    "My Human Design Analysis with Diana was bang on! Amazing revelations & insights. Diana is very tuned - in and a wise coach. I feel crystal clear with my strengths & challenges and received very helpful advice in how to be more effective. So grateful for this awareness & understanding.''

    - Katie Christie, Nutritionist & Founder of Soulfest 


    “Diana really got me with her in-depth interpretation of my Human Design. I had studied HD about 4 yrs ago and purchased an analysis online, but it didn't really inspire me. But Diana was an amazing channel of translation through HD. Offering support and staying with it until I got what I am to do here... She made my life purpose very clear...isn't that what everyone is needing a little support with?”

    - Maria Diaz, Communication Strategist

    nicole reborn

    "Diana is one of the wisest, and most caring women I have had the pleasure to learn with. I received an in-depth explanation of my human design chart from her that truly changed the way I understand myself and purpose. She clearly articulated practical ways to integrate this information into my life which allowed me to create instant harmony in relationships, business and health.''

    - Nicole Tupechka, Health Coach & Speaker

    adi jena reborn

    ''After the Reborn Retreat I experienced a spiritual awakening. My energy had opened up to more amazing manifestations. It gave me a full awareness of my true self and I am empowered to live my true purpose. Great things have started happening in my life since the retreat. I am feeling more peaceful and courageous. Thank you and look forward to the next experience.

    - Adi Jena, Sales Representative



    If you’re ready to discover how you can live a life that is abundant and happy and get to the root of the roots of your old patterns and habits and fulfill the potential of your relationship with Source.


    You’re ready to live with a deeper awareness of your gifts, strengths and soul purpose and assume your very important place in the world in a delicious and fulfilling way…

    I invite you to join the Reborn Experience Program.


    Imagine being honoured in private ceremony. Once you know your Personal Human Design, we will guide and coach you through a transformational journey, so you are free of any obstacles or conditioning to living your full potential of your Human Design.

    Join The Reborn Experience Now!
    Diana Pushi reborn

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